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cuz' i feel so mad, i feel so angry.

11 July
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hello, i'm julie. this is my livejournal. this is my xanga.
acting, alaska, alcoholic drinks, amy lee, anarchy, animation, anime, art, band shirts, barrel, batman, beetlejuice, being goofy, big fish, black and white, black eyeliner, black hair, black nailpolish, blink 182, blue eyes, boys, brandon boyd, broadway shows, brown eyes, cake, california, candy, catherine o'hara, catwoman, chewable vitamins, chii, chobits, christina ricci, cky, coheed and cambria, comfy pjs, computers, concerts, costa rica, cute girls, danny elfman, dashboard confessional, deftones, directors, drop dead fred, edward scissorhands, ella fitzgerald, eyeliner, feathers, friends, fruit snacks, girls, gory movies, gothic lolita, h.i.m, halloween, halloweentown, html, icee pops, ichabod crane, incubus, jack & sally, jack skellington, john, johnny depp, kalaii lolita, kissing, kojima mayumi, leathers, lighters, linkin park, lip smackers, lock, lollipop sticks, long hair on boys, loud boys, love hina, manga, mars attacks!, mary jane, melancholy death, mosh pits, movies, music, new notebooks, new york city, nirvana, ocean city, online journals, oogie boogie, painted toes, partying, photography, pictures, pirates, pretty boys, producers, pumpkin king, quiet girls, rainy days, red hot chili peppers, rock and roll, rockstars, rocky horror, rocky road ice cream, rollercoasters, sally stiches, sandy claws, self-inflicted pain, sexual pain, shaggy-haired boys, shiny things, short hair on girls, skeletons, slipknot, stickers, stop motion animation, strawberries, striking eyes, stuff, sublime, summer nights, sunsets, surfing, susan mcbride, tarot cards, the beach at night, the boardwalk, the corpse bride, the headless horseman, the nightmare before christmas, the ocean, the rain, the wizard of oz, tim burton, toenail polish, tom delonge, web design, winona ryder, winter, wristbands, writing